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The City of Toronto has an incredible program for members of the Danforth Mosaic BIA where it will match 50% of the cost of commercial facade improvements up to a maximum of $10,000. That means that our member businesses and property owners can give their business a $20,000 facade improvement for only $10,000!

The program will cover the following improvements:

  • Brick cleaning treatments such as power washing
  • Re-pointing of brick masonry
  • Exterior painting (not including painting of brick) as part of other façade improvements
  • Replacement of doors or windows (on any level on the front facade of the building)
  • Replacement or repair of cornice, parapets and other architectural features


  • Installation or replacement of awnings or canopies
  • Installation and improvement of signage
  • Installation or upgrading of exterior lighting features
  • Redesign of storefront
  • Installation of wheelchair ramps
  • Other improvements as agreed to by the Manager at the City BIA Office.

The program does not cover the following improvements:

  • Brick painting
  • Stucco work


  • Interior renovations 
  • Same-as replacement of existing features 

All work considered must result in a physical improvement of the building facade, not just a simple replacement due to ware.

How to Apply

2017 Application Form

Program Website

Applying for the for the Facade Improvement Program is very simple:

  1. Collect 2 quotes for each of the 3+ pieces of facade work that you wish to complete through the program
  2. Complete and submit the application form as indicated in the application form.
  3. If approved for funding, you will go into an agreement with The City of Toronto – Economic Development & Culture Division.
  4. Once the facade improvements are completed and accounted for, the city will provide the grant funding to the successful applicant.

The program is first-come-first-serve starting at the beginning of each calendar year when The City sets its budget. While the application is due by May 18, 2017, it is highly recommended that members submit their paperwork as soon as possible, as funding is often 100% allocated by mid-April.

Completed applications are to be submitted to:

Michael Saunders
City of Toronto BIA Office.
Phone: (416) 392-1005
Email: Michael.Saunders@toronto.ca

If you would like some assistance with any aspect of this program, please contact Oliver Hierlihy, the Coordinator of the Danforth Mosaic BIA, who would be happy to assist you in going over the paperwork and details of this program.
– Call or Text: (416) 875-3760
– Email: info@thedanny.ca


Below are some commonly asked questions that we regularly receive. Please contact program administrator – Michael Saunders – for more specific & detailed answers to these questions.

Q: Does the grant apply to facade renovations that have already been completed?
A: No, facade renovations must be completed following the application’s approval by The City of Toronto Economic Development & Culture

Q: Why is brick painting & stucco work not considered for funding as part of the Facade Improvement Program?
A: Painting & stuccoing brick is considered to be damaging to the underlying material, and is therefore not an improvement of the commercial property.

Q: How long do I have to complete the work once the application is approved?
A: Typically you have until about the end of October to complete the facade improvement work (see agreement for details). In some cases, the deadline can be extended slightly on a per-request basis.

Q: Who provides this program?
A: This program is offered to small businesses located within established Business Improvement Areas (BIA’s) by The City of Toronto.